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About Pirates Plunder
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Quantity:  Pirateology

Follow Capt. William Lubber on a quest to hunt
pirates, in this stunningly made book: Pirateology.

Beautiful illustrations, recreated journal entries,
and unique page folds create an incredible world
for the reader.

Within its covers, we are introduced to such 
notorious pirates as Blackbeard, Anne Bonny,
Edward Low, and Bartholomew Roberts.

The history of piracy is further captured through 
maps, flags, charts, and letters you unfold from

An incredible work of literature fit for all ages.  Kids
will enjoy the many eccentric tactile objects inlaid
into the book like gems, ropes, and maps.  While
adults will love learning pirate lore and legends.

The book measures 10 inches wide by 12 inches
tall and has a real working compass on the cover.

Quite the bargain for only $19.99.


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